Dental Coffee with Dr Irfan Abas (Nederland) Immediate Implant Placement in the Aesthetic Zone

Dental Implant Management in the Aesthetic Zone has become one of the most challenging situations we may face in today practice. This is the reason why Dr Irfan Abas is sharing his knowledge with us providing amazing TIPS AND TRICKS for safe and predictable management in the Aesthetic Zone. Esthetics in implant restorations are made by … Read more

Dental Coffee with Dr Oscar Alonso, B.O.P.T. technique. A novel approach in biological tooth preparation

Dr Oscar Alonso is a physician from the University of Barcelona who graduated also in Dentistry a long time ago. Author and Co-Author of many publications regards the B.O.P.T. technique for biological tooth preparation initially developed by B.O.R.G. group form Dr Vela and Cols. Many interests from many clinicians has raised this specific technique called … Read more



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