Dental Coffee with The Agnini Brothers (Andrea & Alessandro Agnini, ITA) Digital Dental Revolution.

Dr Andrea and Alessandro Agnini are already a legend in Digital Dentistry. They are one of the Pioneers in the use of Digital Technology in dentistry in this Is why we have them in DENTAL COFFEE WITH.

We want to answer some questions such as “when should I invest in digital scanning” or “are the intraoral scanners sufficiently accurate to be used in our daily practice”?

Where should I get some training in digital work flow being a new professional or still a student ready to start working?

I still remember a decade ago when CBCT were the main consume in all the dental practices but now we are moving forward into something different,different,  something that connects all the specialties in one work flow movement.

The question is…Is this the right moment to move forward and invest in Full Digital Dentistry?

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