My name is Nicolas Aronna Mallia, I was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1979 and I graduated from Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid in the year 2005 after 5 amazing years that I will never forget. After taking many Surgical Courses and an International Internship I decided to take a Master Program in Periodontics & Implant Dentistry at New York University where I learned everything I know thanks to the excellent dental education that I received during that time of my life.

A very close friend, Dr Alaa Khadiri (Orthodontist & Periodontist from NYU) introduces me to the most advanced world of microsurgical approach, the minimally invasive dentistry and also the Orthodontics-Periodontics Interface, as well as the latest publications and most interesting / relevant articles that will consolidate me as a better and more predictable surgeon.

The Education, a passion:

From the first moment in NYU I contact with a bunch of surgical genius from Periodontics and Implant Dentistry such as Dr Maurice Salama, Dennis Tarnow, Robert Horowitz, Michael Sonick, Homa Zadeh, Thomas Han, and many others…who will impregnate on me the need to learn, update myself and acquire as many concepts as possible to achieve my own criteria, which I have maintained after the years by my curiosity to not stop learning from the others.

For the same reason I love teaching, that is what keeps my passion for Dentistry, helping others to learn in a very biological way.

I joined MINEC, the Scientific Committee of Megagen International with no commercial interest, this is the Educational Department, who helped me to grow as national and international speaker.

From Dana Point, California I get my first contact with MINEC and I meet Dr Thomas J. Han & Kwang-Bum Park who confirms my integration as MINEC Knight. My mentor and Inspiration Dr Kwang-Bum Park gives me the opportunity to share Line Up with amazing and great International Speakers such as Dr Ramón Gomez Meda, Miguel Stanley, Scott Ganz, Raquel Zita Gomes, Oscar Alonso, Francesco Mangano etc…

This is the starting point of my project, reaching more people and farther away from where I am. To be able too share what I learned with people that want to increase their knowledge, even if they cannot travel or be updated, this means the opportunity.

I join Dental XP, an e-learning website with Advanced Surgery Presentations, as an expert and I will always be grateful to Dr Maurice Salama for giving me the opportunity and also for trusting on me to become Dental XPert.

I receive the invitation to join also OralSurgeryTube from Dr Juan Alberto Fernandez from Spain and I posted some courses that received great feedback from the students.

The E-learning starts to become popular as the perfect combination with Presence Courses.


In the year 2014 I decided to start documenting all my cases in order to share them with the world, not only with the ones that can make it to the congress or to the course but also with every single professional or student interested on being updated with high quality dental education following the most biological sense of learning to explain the rationale of the decisions made.

Because becoming more confident starts by knowing what you are doing, the reason why things happen.

Because in dentistry there is always a reason why the issues happen. The problem is that we might be more focused on fixing the complication rather than first understanding the reason why the issue developed in order to use the same biological rules to fix it and the most important, not to fail again.

Dental Surgery Channel® is born with the idea to help the dentists to not only improve the outcomes but also to be more confident, to accept higher challenges, to become more professional and above all, to become more predictable with our goals.



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