In an era of implantology in which the fashion for immediate implants is gaining popularity, it is important to mention the limitations that this type of procedure presents, since on many occasions it may seem like an optimal case but it really is not. It is essential not only to review the scientific literature before … Read more

Which are the 5 most common reasons for Gingival Recession

Gingival recession is a specific status of periodontal tissue where we can find a loss of attachment from the supporting bone and soft tissues addressed to many factors: We might think that bacterial proliferation is the most common reason but Gingival Recession is the result of multifactorial elements that work together in different moments causing … Read more

Dental Implant Control Guide and Maintenance Protocol.

Many causes have been addressed to periimplantitis. This is the reason why we should have a strict and regulated protocol to assess our patients when they come into our office with dental implants placed by some other colleague. In this Blog we are going to mention important tips to have into account to make sure … Read more

5 important Factors for a successful immediate implant placement and immediate loading

Preservation of original architecture. 5 years follow up. It is all about preserving whenever possible. The benefits of immediate extraction and immediate implant placement as well as immediate loading is 3X IMMEDIATE. These are the most important factors to succeed when performing this technique: 1-. Case selection: Attrition, high masseter. muscle activity, excessive tooth wear … Read more

PERIIMPLANTITIS. When to regenerate, when to remove…

Many articles & protocols regarding periimplantitis have been published mentioning the importance of picking the right treatment, hard and soft tissue management, long term prognosis depending on many factors. The truth is that the Periimplantitis (PI) is the first cause of implant failure compared to fractures by over stress, deformations, wrong 3D implant placement, etc… … Read more

Screw retained Vs Cemented retained Implant Restorations Which one is the appropriate?

Dental Prosthesis represent the starting point at any Implant Restoration for proper dental implant planning. This is the reason why even today we should have in mind that everything starts with the prosthetic guide regardless the multiple abutment types that we have available in the market which can angle & reposition the final insertion of … Read more



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