How you can become more predictable in Sinus Lift Surgery. Jelly Fish Bone Grafting Technique®.

The use of GF therapy in sinus lift procedure is mandatory nowadays that we have available so much literature about this topic and biology that supports it.

The bone graft used (in this case Synthetic) has a very important role in this type of procedures. Do you want to know why?

First, it is important to know that the Shneiderian Membrane is a Pseudo Stratified Epithelium with Calciform cells that secrete mucosity all the time inside the sinus. 

Its thickness is 0,3 – 0,8mm

This explains the rationale of using autogenous fibrin membranes inside the sinus to over protect, provide extra tissue protection to the managed membrane and promote the graft integrity by its agglutinative & adhesive properties.

The Jelly Fish Bone Grafting Technique for Sinus Lift provides both properties in one simple “Plasma Clot” and the easy management allows predictable outcomes in Sinus Lift.

The use of Synthetic Bone and full resorptive material for this technique is because the use of  Xenograft inside the sinus may promote an active non vital bone graft inside the sinus which in case of infection by having limited self-defensive properties may act as strange body and the difficult procedure needed to remove it represents a risk today.

However, by using a full or almost full resorptive material provides to the maxillary sinus a higher regenerative potential down the road as well as important self defense reaction in case of infection since the turn over into vital bone is completed and the implants can be hosted by almost 100% vital bone and positive response can be expected in case of infection as late complication.

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And don’t miss the opportunity to learn this surgical procedure to become more predictable because, ” The more you know the Maxillary Sinus, the more you can predict its behavior “



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