Sinus Lift. Complete Course for definitive and safe Management

Sinus Lift Procedure is one of the most demanded and needed Regenerative Treatments when upper posterior areas show deficient bone volume in height.

This specific surgery does not stand away from complications so understanding the biology behind the Maxillary Sinus is mandatory in order to be predictable and perform a safe management.

The most important aspects when thinking about performing a Sinus Lift procedure in order to be predictable and avoid complications would be:

1-. Anatomy.

2-. Blood Supply.

3-. Innervation.

4-. Potential complications.

5-. Check list prior Sinus Lift Procedure.

6-. Sinus Lift Protocol.

7-. Correct hard and soft tissue management as well as Schneiderian membrane manipulation.

Learning all this aspects will keep you away from complications.

Visit my Sinus Lift Mastercourse to understand the concept of Biologically guided Sinus Lift Surgery  

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