Learning High Quality Dental Implantology in Dental Surgery Channel®

Would you like to know what you can find in Dental Surgery Channel?

Well, here you have a quite extensive summary in order for you to review every single detail and confirm if it covers your expectations in Dental Learning.

The concept of my website and what makes it different from the rest is that it is pure my creation based on a specific teaching type of presentation made by 2 fundamental components:

1-. Keynote Presentation:

Based on single case or case series explained from the biological aspect, clinical and surgical which involves Scientific Literature to prove the right decision making process, full explanation of the treatment where I do not invent anything, I just follow the most recent scientific literature and the most updated surgical techniques to prove that minimally invasive dentistry or a more classical approach can be both accepted. The point is to adapt the appropriate treatment to the specific case to be predictable. So we explain the WHY first.

2-. Surgical Procedure:

Documented in video or HD photo with animated illustrations to even understand better the surgical technique used.

In this part of the Presentation I show the HOW to perform the surgical technique always based on biological rules which need to be respected and learned in stage 1 of the Presentation.

By following this learning process we can understand from A to Z any clinical case that is presented even if you have never performed it before.

This proves the Power of E-Learning today in 21st century.

Besides the Masterclasses you also have access to 2 Complete Courses included in your Registration which are:

1-. Sinus Lift Course:

In the next complete Sinus Lift Course we will not only learn the technique for proper lateral wall drilling and Schneiderian Membrane management but also the Anatomy, Blood Supply, Innervation, Potential complications, Check list previous Sinus Lift procedure to gain in confidence and predictability and a safe and easy protocol for decision making process. A real Sinus Lift Course online and even a Virtual Hands-On to become predictable in this tough field and make things simple to avoid complications.

2-. Soft Tissue Management and Grafting:

The soft tissue around natural teeth and implants shows not only the periodontal and periimplant health but they help our restorative treatment to live surrounded by a healthy and protective environment and stability at long term of our work.

The Soft Tissue Management is not simple. This is the reason why in this Course made by 6 Masterclasses you will learn everything you need to know about soft tissue starting from the most biological aspect to predict the results and understand why things happen.


1-. Aesthetic Cases (Anterior Area).

2-. Post-extraction implant placement in anterior and posterior areas.

3-. 3D Regeneration combined with infrabony defect affecting adjacent tooth.

4-. Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

5-. Post extraction & immediate loading in a fresh extraction socket.

6-. Complications in Implant Dentistry (how to treat them and how to avoid them)

7-. Implant removal in a no Perimplantitis Case (fully integrated implant)

8-. V.I.S.T.A technique to protect the original architecture.

9-. The Rule of 7 for bone preservation over your implants.

10-. Special Guest Speakers with different cases in different clinical situations.

11-. Partial Extraction Therapy such as the Root Submergence Technique or SS.



Many Publications of interest such as:

1-. Decision making process in Esthetic Cases (immediate or differed)

2-. Key factor for a Predictable 3D Regeneration.

3-. The Biology behind our Biomaterials.

4-. Risk-Benefit in Immediate Loading.

5-. The use of expanded healing abutments. Which are the advantages.

6-. Key Factor for a Predictable immediate implant placement after extraction.

7-. Implant removal protocol with no periimplantitis.

8-. Complications in implant Dentistry. How to manage them and how to avoid them.

And much much more…

Dental Surgery Channel is creating new content periodically in order to bring the best Masterclasses to learn enjoying.

Welcome to the High Quality Online Dental Education to keep learning wherever you are whenever you want step  y step and at your Pace.

Dr Nicolas Aronna Mallia

Founder of Dental Surgery Channel

Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

New York University, 2011.



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