New content in Dental Surgery Channel for the 2020.

Very soon in Dental Surgery Channel, the V.I.S.T.A Technique for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

A specific technique described by Homa Zadeh from USC that properly used can improve your outcomes and keep you away from complications since:

1-. It preserves the original periosteum attachment at the critical areas reducing the post-operatory effect.
2-. Minimizes the bone exposure reducing the rate of complications derived from open flap surgeries.
3-. It can be used at different areas for different treatments.

The different treatments where VISTA technique can be applied are:

1-. Apicoectomy.
2-. Apical Cyst removal previous implant placement when access through the socket is limited.
3-. Sinus Lift Procedure.
4-. Tunneling Root coverage + V.I.S.T.A (Modified PinHole techni




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