SOCKET PRESERVATION Vs. Root Submergence Technique at Pontic sites.

P.E.T. stands for Partial Extraction Therapy; a technique which promotes the preservation of the original volume of the ridge at pontic or implant sites by preserving partially the root of the old tooth maintaining the PDL complex for original and buccal plate support as well as lamina dura integrity.

At pontic sites, this technique was first published and supported by Dr Maurice Salama and his Team. In that occasion the remanent nerve was removed in order to avoid any presence of necrotic tissue inside the root.

Recently the same Team suggested preserve the nerve on vital teeth which has become even an option as well in order to preserve the biological environment over the submerged root.

In this Masterclass I would like to share my thoughts about this technique which recently has become very popular along with Root Membrane technique described by Miltiadis Mitsias which preserves the buccal part of the remanent tooth and Socket Shield by Markus Huerzeler with some differences.

Even Joseph Kan preserved the mesial and distal parts of the roort in order to keep the papilla stability at the anterior area.

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