Contract Conditions

Through these legal contracting conditions, we make available to the consumer the pre-contractual information referred to in Article 6 of Directive 2011/83.

First, identification: The goods sold through the website are infoproducts consisting of online courses, free software, online library and memberships. All available software is licensed under the GPL, which allows you to use, study, share (copy) and modify the software freely. On the page you are really hiring with Nicolas Aronna Mallia DNI: 43097642N with the contact and address information on that website. I receive the physical correspondence at C / Adolf Vazquez Humasque, 9. B2 BJ C and the emails at [email protected]

Second, Products and prices: On the website you can purchase courses, training, consulting services and open source software under the GPL license, which allows you to use, study, share, copy and modify the software freely. In the case of free third-party software, no license key from the original developer is ever included. Only code, updates and support. If you want to acquire keys, they must be purchased from your developer. The downloaded software can be used for educational, commercial, sharing, copying and modifying freely. All software products are defined in a tab and show their price. The prices of the services or products shown on our website are indicated in euros and include taxes (when applicable) unless otherwise indicated. Prices and taxes vary depending on the country of the customer, detected through the IP and credit or debit card data.

To make a purchase, you must choose the product or service and the system will automatically redirect you to the order page (cart). On this screen you must indicate your name, surname and email (unless you have already logged in), in addition to choosing a payment method. Once completed, press the “Pay” button. The data referring to the card with which to make the payment will be requested. You will then be shown a purchase confirmation page if you have purchased a software or downloadable, or with a contract confirmation, if it is a service.

Payment method: Credit card: You will be asked for your card number and expiration date. For your peace of mind, you are guaranteed absolute security, since both your personal data and your card data are encrypted to Stripe, Inc. thanks to the SSL secure server provided by GoDaddy. Also, at no time Dentalsurgerychannel receives your card details, only the confirmation of your payment.

The justification of the receipt of the product by the recipient will be through the IP and download order. In the system of the process of buying our products, there is all the process information. The sale contract will be deemed to be signed with the acceptance of informed consent. The consumer, before 24 hours of the purchase, will receive the proof of the transaction, and the confirmation that the procedure has been completed and that it is filed by the recipient

Delivery of products: In relation to the delivery dates, in the case of infoproducts, the delivery will be made immediately, and when it comes to the provision of services, the period of execution of the service will be notified personally. The acquisition made of downloadable infoproducts immediately begins with the payment of the product and ends at the time of download. Access to the digital library or membership, ends at the time the buyer stops paying their fees, being necessary for this, prior notice within the previous month in which said access no longer wishes to be hired. There is no minimum duration for the buyer to be forced to maintain our business relationships. In the purchase of our products there is no need to provide any type of financial guarantee or deposit. As for the material support in which they will be received, it will be through download, with greater or lesser quality and interoperability depending on the specific characteristics of the acquired digital product. There is no geographical limitation of access to the contents sold on our website. Products sold on our website enjoy all intellectual property protection rights and other legal guarantees. All necessary technical measures are also used to ensure the security of purchase and access to digital products safely. The interoperability or capacity of our product or system, whose interfaces are fully known, to work with other existing or future products or systems, without restriction of access or implementation will depend on the technical and organizational needs that are at any time necessary to sell the products and provide the services offered to the consumer. The archiving of the electronic document will be done in digital format in the electronic archives kept by the company. The website is technically prepared to identify and correct errors in the introduction of the data, these technical means being variable depending on their evolution.

Fourth, cancellation and returns: The customer of our online store undertakes at all times to provide truthful information about the information requested in the different purchase forms. In the event of the sale or marketing of products on our website that require the buyer to have a certain age according to the current legislation of their country of origin, the buyer declares that he meets said requirement to formalize the purchase.

By article 102 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, the right of withdrawal will not be applicable to contracts that refer to the supply of digital content (programs, applications, games, music, videos or computer texts, both by download or broadcast in real time), which is not provided on a material support when the execution has begun. So when the customer is acquiring a downloadable product and this download has already started, he loses his right of withdrawal. Being digital products, there are no material costs of returning the product, because access is limited only, therefore there will be no reimbursement of expenses. In relation to the services if these have not been able to be provided due to lack of cooperation from the client, the latter will lose the right to the return of the payment. After-sales assistance of the acquired products will be free if it refers to download difficulties. Consultations that occur as a result of the delivery of purchased material are not included as free. Plugins do not ensure compatibility with other plugins and themes other than WooCommerce.



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